Buying The Best Portable Air Conditioner Without Hose


If you’re planning to buy an air conditioner without hose, you should first know that these are not your typical air-conditioners. A typical air-conditioner cools down your room by throwing out the heat from inside a room but an air-conditioner without the hose does not work on the same principle.

In fact, it would be better to label these as evaporative coolers as that is how they work. While there are a number of models available in the market at a variety of price points, there are some important things you should consider in order to get the best value for your money. Here is how you should go about choosing the right ventless portable air conditioner.



The most important thing you need to look at is the space that can be cooled by the air-conditioner. If you have a bigger room, you will need to buy a unit that is designed to cool down much larger space as compared to the average units.

On the other hand, if your room is smaller as compared to the average sized rooms, you will be better off buying a smaller capacity portable AC without vent. In short, do not buy as much capacity as you can afford to buy. Choose the right capacity in order to remain comfortable inside the room.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is the total run time of the unit. Some of the units available in the market have a run time of only 3 hours but if that isn’t enough for you, you should look for a unit that offers 6 to 8 hours of run time. Needless to say, the run-time depends on the size of the tank. So, buy a unit with a much bigger tank in case you do not need to worry about refilling the tank in the middle of the night.


Most of these units do not come with a timer option but there are also a number of units that offer this feature. It will allow you to save energy and it is also a great convenience. Some of the models also feature low water alert which means the unit will alert you when the water level goes below a particular level.

Also, look for the unit with remote control that allows you to operate various functions through the remote. You want to buy a unit with the best performance in your location. Not all the units are designed for use in all locations.

Ideally, pick a unit that offers a variety of customization options such as the ability to change fan speeds, being able to use ice, timer and various other things to make it convenient for you.

One of the biggest problems people face with these units is the immense level of noise. Sometimes, the noise levels are so high that you are unable to properly hear your TV. In fact, you might find it difficult to hold a conversation when you’re sitting in front of this unit. Therefore, pay special attention to the noise levels and pick a unit that is the least noisy.

Overall, there are a number of units available in the market but you should keep the above mentioned tips in mind, in addition to the price, in order to get the best value for your money. More at