Skip Hop Moby Non Slip Baby Bath Mat

Skip Hop Moby Non-Slip Baby Bath Mat

Skip Hop Moby Non-Slip Baby Bath Mat

Customer Reviews:

1. This is a cute and functional bath mat, it keeps my toddler from slipping if he stands up, and covers most of my standard size tub. It also has perforations so that it drys faster, and you can hang it to help hasten the drying process as well.

Additionally, it sticks nicely to the tub (I have a smooth surface tub) it’s not going anywhere until you want it to. I would recommend this product as I would for most skip hop items. Only downside is it took ages before it was delivered, and I’m a prime member.

2. This moby non-slip baby bath mat is absolutlely what I needed for my 15 month old son. We have a small tub it fits in… wish it was a tad bit longer but is definitely slip proof. My son stands up and down in the tub and greatful to have such a safe mat. Takes a little more effort to make sure it sticks to the tub good but once its suctioned it wont move.

The mat has a little padding so it’s nice to sit on and isnt rough or uncomfortable. The drain slots on it are great when draining the water…. i dry my son in tub once all the water has drained out and dont have to worry about excess water under the mat.

I hang mine after every use which takes 3 seconds and keeps your product clean and free of mold. O spent hours looking for a good mat…. this was WELL worth it and a great price. I Would still recommend if you have a textured tub or a large tub this product probably wont stick very well and wont be big enough. More at

3. We have been searching for a bath mat for our toddler that does not smell like toxic plastic, has great suction power, and resists mold. This mat meets all three of this things and is affordable.

We’ve been using it for about 3 months during the warm summer months and there is still no mold growth, I assume because it has drainage slots along the front.

4. I was looking for a non-slip tub mat for little #2 who is standing, but not stable. In the past, we used the inflatable duck tub for little #1, but I wanted to be able to bath both littles together and plus, the inflatable duck tub flopped twice so, it wasn’t worth investing in again for this stage.

I went with this tub may because it’s marketed for babies, so I assumed it would be comfortable for little baby bums to sit on….this is correct! Some other tub mats have circular suctions that create uncomfortable bumps for sitting. This tub mat is nice and thick and sticks solid! I remove it from the tub after each use and hang it over the faucet thanks to the handy tail/button detail on this mat.

We have had this mat for over a month with almost daily use and no mold issues! It’s thick, comfy, durable and definitely affordable for the product quality.

5. This works great! I thought I needed a new bath seat for my daughter because she didn’t want to lay back in the angelcare seat anymore, but was slipping around when she tried to sit in the tub by herself.

I was going to get the bath seat that braces agains the tub walls, but I noticed it said to stop using it when baby could pull up to standing (which she was doing). This bath mat gives her the traction she needs to sit up in the tub without toppling over. And I love that it has a built in loop to hang it from the shower head to dry, and that it’s much lower profile to store!

6. I really wanted just a small bath mat so I had something secure to stand on getting in and out of the tub. Most bathmats cover the whole length of the bath, and shower mats are the wrong shape for the bath. So I settled for this.

It covers just over half the bath, but leaves me a clear space to sit. It grips well and gives me the secure footing I was seeking. I’d have liked something smaller, but my needs in that area don’t seem catered for. Still, I prefer the smiley whale, to a boring rectangle, and it does the job just as well.

7. This mat is super cute and the baby loves it. That being said, *and I cannot emphasize on this enough* do ensure you remove/hang it up between baby baths. I can’t really explain the thought process behind leaving it down one morning a few weeks ago, but lets chalk it up to being lazy.

I took my first step on to this seemingly harmless blue whale and went down like a bag of bricks, waking up my better half and the baby in the process. She said it sounded like when two passenger cars on a train get connected.

I’m actually surprised I didn’t take the tub right through the floor joists into the basement. Am I painting a vivid enough picture here? I want to deduct one star, but it’s probably my own fault so I won’t. Any warnings that came in the packaging would have been quickly recycled as I’m far too wise to ever read those. 5/5 stars.

Bad Reviews:

1. I really wanted to love this. And I loved that it matched the water spout cover that was also a blue whale. Unfortunately it seems really small for my standard bathtub. We have a 10-month-old and it seems like there’s just a lot of extra space that it doesn’t cover within the bathtub. I didn’t realize it was going to be this small. So, unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be keeping this, although it is very cute

2. I didn’t get to test the durability of this because right away it would not stick to the tub. I’ve had several other brands of bath mats and never have issues, my tub is a smooth surface perfect for suction cups. It’s a very stiff material which may contribute to the issue. It is also raised up a lot more than expected, so would not be comfy on a little ones bum is not centered on the mat. Will be going back to the Munchkin duck bath mat.